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With over 50 years of practice in these areas and thousands of cases, the attorneys of Hankin & Mazel, PLLC are experienced attorneys capable of handling any type of case.

Hankin & Mazel, PLLC represents clients in many different types of law in all 5 Boroughs of New York City, Long Island (Nassau County & Suffolk County), and Westchester County. In addition to New York, we also have attorneys who are admitted to New Jersey and Florida.

Commercial Litigation 

Real Estate Transactions

Co-op and Condominium Law

state litigation

Commercial Litigation

Our litigators work hard to resolve our clients' problems through pre-lawsuit negotiations, alternative dispute resolution and/or litigation in the federal and state courts. Our objective is to effectively and persuasively advocate for our clients in order to resolve their problems in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. We pride ourselves in our relentless effort to achieve our clients’ goals. We communicate frequently with our clients to keep them apprised of our progress and of the fees and costs associated with our work. We handle all aspects of the lawsuit from pre-trial through trial and appeal. We regularly appear in state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate levels. Our practice and experience span the spectrum from smaller contract cases to complex multi-party actions. We handle a wide variety of disputes including commercial, real property, construction, corporate, partnership, employment, foreclosure, and estate disputes. We specialize in cooperative and condominium litigation. We have extensive experience in the laws governing cooperatives, condominiums, and homeowner associations and effectively resolve disputes for our cooperative and condominium clients. The firm regularly handles building defect claims, tenant/shareholder and owner disputes, tenant and owner non-payments and holdovers, Article 78’s, proxy fights, election disputes, objectionable conduct claims, breach of fiduciary duty claims and numerous other landlord-tenant disputes.

Real Estate Transactions

We are experts in negotiating and structuring the full range of residential and commercial transactions. We bring experience in various disciplines to bear in developing appropriate strategies for acquisition, financing and leasing transactions. We are skilled in structuring and handling all aspects of acquisitions, sales, transfers of cooperative shares and appurtenant leases, leasing, licensing, and the financing of those transactions. We close mortgages and refinances reverse mortgages and like-kind exchanges. Our attorneys guide or coordinate all aspects of a deal including tax strategies, environmental issues, building compliance, zoning and code issues, and operational issues.

and structuring

Former Co-op 
board-Members Representing your board

Co-Op & Condominium Law

We proudly serve as general counsel to cooperatives and condominiums located in the five boroughs of New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. As general counsel, we provide advice and representation in all facets of cooperative and condominium living. This includes their corporate or non-corporate structure; Board functions and systems; Operation and Management of their buildings and lands; Insurance and Tax Matters; and, assistance in making policy and procedure for construction, sale, and/or buildings. We provide continuous review and revision of corporate or non-corporate documents i.e. Offering Plans, By-laws; Proprietary Leases/Occupancy Agreements; and Rules and Regulations. These legal documents require constant attention as the law and regulations continue to evolve and change. In addition, we review, revise and draft agreements that affect the operation and management of the buildings and lands i.e. Repair, Maintenance, Management, Employment, Utility, Mortgage, local Law 10/11, Laundry, Storage, and Parking. We represent and defend cooperative and condominium board’s in all courts of the State of New York, all New York federal courts, all administrative bodies i.e. NYC and NYS Division of Human Rights, and, in alternative dispute resolutions i.e. mediations. The partners of Hankin & Mazel have 25 years of successful experience in effectively dealing with legal issues affecting cooperatives and condominiums. In addition to providing legal services to the cooperative and condominium community, we serve as Counsel to the Presidents Council of Cooperatives and Condominiums. This group of 75 presidents representing 75 cooperatives and condominiums, act as a lobbying group for all issues involving cooperatives and condominiums. Recently, the partners of Hankin & Mazel were appointed the Co-chairman of the Queens County Bar Associations’ Committee on Cooperatives and Condominiums. We routinely provide opinions on laws and legislation affecting cooperatives and condominiums. We look forward to providing our high level of quality legal services to your cooperative or condominium.